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Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring going to shake wearable market by the end of 2024.

Introduction to smart rings: 

A smart ring is a device which falls into the wearable category, equipped with mobile components such as NFC chips and mobile sensors which are used for health tracking and location tracking for lots of mobile applications. These features make it a good alternative to smartwatches and fitness bands which are trending these days. But the scope to deploy new features in a smart ring is beyond the use case of health or fitness bands. 

Smartwatches made their position in the market in the last few years, but now smart rings are the next challenge for the smartwatch market. Earlier this week, Samsung showed a teaser of Smart ring in their Unpacked event for S24 mobile phone series. It looks like the company is now planning to shake up the whole smart wearable gadgets market. 

During the unpacked event, Samsung just showed a flashy feel of a metal sparkling ring with some visible sensors inside the band. Very little detail is given onstage. A Samsung representative revealed that there is to introduce a device which will do consistent and accurate tracking of data over a longer period of time in a small form factor. He also revealed that the upcoming ring will be embedded with the latest sensors available on the market. Also, they will be working on its design as well so that they will make sure it is comfortable to wear 24/7. Some folks during the unpacked event noticed that this ring will be introduced in three finishes and size up to 13 and will be available later this year. 

It will be a challenge for Samsung to reach a larger audience for this ring as this is going to be one of its kind in the market. I can also think of it as an accessory for Galaxy watches. For example: Amazfit Helio smart ring made to work with standalone or it can be paired with a watch. The point is that if someone wants to sleep and needs tracking of health then they can place smartwatch for charging and keep the ring in finger so that it will track most of the data even if you are not wearing smartwatch on your wrist. 

If Samsung is successful, then you will see other major companies will also dive into this segment to compete in the market. The main possibility of success is to make this ring as an accessory for other gadgets instead of standalone device. Let’s wait until Samsung ring shakes the market, possibly by the end of 2024. I will be glad to review it in detail once it is available on the market. 

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